Your Scuba Diving  adventure starts now!


Who has not dreamed of breathing underwater?


An introduction to scuba diving allows you to experience incredible new sensations. The body is light in the water, we discover weightlessness. We observe the aquatic world, we swim closer to the species, we look at them, we admire them. We are in silence that only our bubbles come to break.


A scuba diving lesson is also a first step in a diver's life. It makes us want to go further in the exploration and discovery of this activity. Many people will extend this discovery with a diving course such as Level 1 diving or Open Water Diver.


You will be accompanied by a monitor per student, who will ensure your safety and ensure that you have an extraordinary experience.


Make your first bubbles in the Caribbean, discover the sensations of weightlessness and the hundreds of underwater species that will accompany you durinng your try dive! 


Try Scuba Diving


Try dives are a simple activity open to all. No experience is necessary for this dive. Your instructor will assist you  and make your dive comfortable and effortless. Even if you do not swim well, you will be able to dive.


The session takes place at sea in shallow water at 6 meters maximum. The minimum age for this dive is 8 years old. 


After your initiation dive you will be able to do snorkeling on the surface for the rest of the excursion. All the equipment and some juices and fruits are included. 


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It is completely possible to start your dive course after your try dive! click here for more information about the Open Water Course!