Become a certified diver !


Your ticket to the underwater world ! 


The Open Water Diver course is the first step in your new and exciting underwater adventure. Through this course you will become a certified diver at depths up to 18 meters. This course takes you through the necessary theoretical knowledge, practical skills and experiences that you need to visit the underwater world comfortably and safely.


The classroom training sessions as well as the practice in the natural environment, will help you learn everything you need to know to start your adventure! During your training sessions, you will learn all the diving skills and procedures necessary to be a confident diver.


All our certifications are recognized worldwide.

Have fun and enjoy!


Scuba diver



This International Diploma allows you to dive up to -12m deep. This program is for students who don't have time to complete an Open Water Diver program. It gives you all the training and experience necessary to dive safely in the sea under the supervision of a dive professional. 


The training lasts 2 days:


Day 1: Theory in the classroom + one dive & exercises  in the pool

Day 2: 2 dives & exercises at the sea + Theory in the classroom + theory test



The price is all inclusive: training kit + course + exam + certification + equipment + instructor + drinks + fruits.



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Open Water Diver Course -


This International Diploma allows you to dive up to -18m deep. The minimum age to participate in this training is 10 years.


The training includes 3 days:

Day 1: Theory in the classroom + exercises in the pool

Day 2: 2 dives from the boat with exercises + Theory in the classroom

Day 3: 2 dives from the boat with exercises + Theoretical exam


The price includes: training kit + course + exam + certification + equipment + instructor + fresh fuit & juice.



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Advanced Adventurer


This program allows you to discover, in a natural environment, five SSI Specialties, without having to follow the entire program of each Specialty. You will do 5 dives at sea, one per specialty.


The minimum age to participate is 10 years (12 if a deep dive is planned).  


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Advanced OWD


After the Open Water Diver, become Advanced OWD! 

The course allows you to develop your self-confidence and improve your techniques during various specialty dives.


The training takes place over 4 days, during which you'll make 8 specialties dives, to choose between:

Orientation - Deep - Buoyancy control - Night dive - Boat dive - Coral identification - Nitrox ...


Thus, you develop your abilities by discovering new ways to have fun while diving! 


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Stress rescue + React right - Niveau 3


This program gives you the skills and knowledge you need to recognize and manage stress, prevent accidents and respond properly to emergency situations encountered by divers.

The training includes the following basic elements: Primary Assessment, First Aid Skills and CPR, Primary Stabilization techniques, and Oxygen Administration for diving emergencies.

The program takes place in 4 days, with 8 dives at sea and two theoretical sessions in the classroom.



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For higher levels, check the Become a Dive Professional section, or click on the picture !