Do more than diving!

Lionfish are an invasive species that have a potential negative impact on native species and habitat
Lion fish

Coming to Eco Dive output you more that diving!

Our instructors will tell you all the secrets of the Dominican coral ecosystem.
The day before your output plunged, get ready an hour in class to enjoy á 100%. Then you'd be able to recognize and identify key people of our sites. You finally become familiar with fish, corals, sponges, crustaceans, molluscs, and many other amazing creatures.

The "Pez Leon", lion fish is a species native to the Indo-Pacific Ocean. It has been accidentally introduced into the Caribbean very recently. It is considered harmful and pervasive because it has no local predators. A concrete way to participate á reef protection is to limit its proliferation. That is why during plunged, you will participate á destruction of Lions met Pisces.

Instead, parrot fish are native. Á It is that they have their place in the ecosystem and participate á natural balance. The reduction of their populations, á result of overfishing and pollution puts in danger all aquatic life. Come see why the lion and eat fish, they are delicious!......

This eco-dive trip includes:
-Theory :

                 -Introduction Á the coral ecosystem

                 -Training Lion fish fishing techniques

-Convenient :

                 -Two Dives at two different sites

                 -Destruction Fish lion met

 Bonus: Take home your prey, or to let the lobsters!

Eco - Dive*

* Price per person

All Equipment included


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