Discover our most famous dive sites !


The whole Turtle Dive Center team is there to accompany  you throughout your dive trip to make it the most pleasant possible.


We offer a wide choice of dive sites, whether it is at Las Terrenas, Samaná or within Cabo Cabrón National Park. We organize two-tanks dives with a break in the middle with juices and fresh fruit. Day trips (outside Las Terrenas) also include transportation and meals on site (buffet or BBQ). 


All the diving equipment you need is at your disposal as well as the instructor to guide you on each site. The meeting at the center is at 8:00 in the morning to share a coffee and choose our equipment.



Our dive sites at Las Terrenas:



At Las Ballenas Islands:


  1. Cinco Metros (5 to 14m), the ideal dive site for beginners, try dives and snorkeling trips, where many fish, like sergeant major, surgeon and trumpetfish await you! 
  2. Cuevitas (8 to 16m), a series of tunnels to dive in and discover clear water and gorgeous light rays at each opening! Many species of fish inhabit these tunnels, including a huge barracuda or green moray eels. A first approach to cave diving!
  3. Piedra Marcel (12 to 18m), rocky scree laid on sand, with great varieties of coral. 
  4. Corales (12m), is a site created as part of our coral conservation project. We have established a coral nursery : a dozen metal structures in the shape of marine animals where 421 pieces of coral are attached to. 
  5. Creol Reef (20 to 35m) after a beautiful descent in the blue, we arrive right on a small wreck surrounded by a coral garden and huge blue gorgonians. What a sight! (minimum AOWD).


A El Portillo:



  1. Plaza Elena (12 to 16m), a very diverse reef where we find stingray, green moray, lobsters ... to name only a few!
  2. Coral Garden and Ramon Plaza (10m), a true coral garden the size of a football field. Just wonderful! 
  3. ShipWreck Dolfin (28m) deliberately  sunk in 2000, this boat was immersed to create an artificial reef. Today, a huge lobster and some moray eels have found his home inside it! 
Surface interval at Playa Bonita
Surface interval at Playa Bonita

1 Dive at Las Terrenas


Discover one of our dive sites in Las Terrenas with a professional instructor!


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2 Tank Dive at Las Terrenas


Two dives in the morning on 2 different sites, with a break between the two at Playa Bonita with fresh juice and fruit. 


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Our dive sites in the Samana Bay:


During this day trip, we organize our dives on two different sites:


"Isla Farola" is a site that slopes gently from 1 to 6m, where you will discover a multitude of corals, gorgonians, and fish, among the most interesting of the Atlantico-Caribbean ecosystem. 


The second site "El Ferry", is a gorgeous wreck and a true oasis of life ! The shallowest part is only 2m deep whereas the deepest part is at 11 meters deep. This wreck is in a really good preserved state, so, we can discover a beautiful staircase, folding seats, ladders, the engine room, the propellers and large corridors, all ccompletely covered in corals !

We can find schools of hundreds of trevallies, sergeants majors, blue chromis, as well as huge pufferfish and parrotfish. It's really impressive !


This excursion is accessible to all divers (certified or not), as well as snorkelers, because the chosen sites can be visited from the surface up to 6m (maximum depth of the try dives). 


2 Tank Dive at Samaná + lunch


Two dives in the morning on 2 different sites, with a break between the two with juices and fresh fruit. After the dives, we will go to Cayenas del Mar to restore us. It is a restaurant with a beautiful and maintained private beach, which deserves to be discovered.



The excursion includes transportation by taxi, boat transport, supervision of activities by a professional instructor, the provision of quality diving equipment, and the meal in Cayenas del Mar.



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Our dive sites at Cabo Cabrón National Park:


  1. Piedra Linda (40m):  a giant pinnacle full of marine life. It is an unforgettable experience to dive on this cliff, which starts just twelve meters below the surface and falls in a waterfall to a depth of 43 meters (140 feet).
  2. Tibisi (20m): 


2 Tank Dive at Cabo Cabron + BBQ


The excursion includes boat transportation, supervision of activities by a professional instructor, the provision of quality diving equipment, and fish or chicken BBQ on one of the most beautiful beaches in the Dominican Republic!  


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Discover also our very economical dive packages!

10 dives Package


Ten dives over 5 days and 10 different sites. 


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Poseidon Pack


- 4 dives at sea over 2 days

- 1 night dive 

- 1 Dudu Cave dive (Cenote)



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