Discover new experiences at Dudu caves!

Lac principal de la Cénote Dudu
Lac principal de la Cénote Dudu


Discover one of the most beautiful Cenotes of the Dominican Republic! 


Caves, tunnels and stalactites await you, just a 90-minute drive from Las Terrenas. During the transport you can discover, beautiful wild landscapes, as far as the eye can see, the bay of samana with in the distance the National Park of Los Haitises and more.


Once on site, we will begin with a walking tour of the gardens and caves, while the team is responsible for getting down the equipment at the launching platform.


After a detailed briefing, we will begin our dive in the clear waters of the cenote. The first tunnel leads us to a second lake, 75 meters further. A second passage takes us back to the main lake. A last cave then leads us to a huge air bell. This "bell" represents a geological exception of interest with karst faults and remarkable stalactites. The light shows on tunnel exits are truly fascinating!


We will then eat in a typical Dominican restaurant with its delicious buffet and views of the cenote.


It is possible to organize this excursion with the whole family because the park is closed and forbidden to cars.


Diving at Cenote Dudu



Discover diving in a cenote and its crystal clear waters!

Price includes: Transportation - Entrance fee - Diving - Equipment - Monitor - Meal - Drinks. 


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Snorkeling at Dudu


Enjoy a swim in clear water surrounded by trees, freshwater fish and stalactites. You get both the security of a pool and the beauty of a cenote in the same place !


Price includes: Transportation - Lake Entrance - Snorkeling Equipment - Meals - Drinks.


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