The team turtle

We are foremost and above all passionate divers
Turtle Dive TEAM

Team presentation, left to right

We are foremost and above all passionate divers.
All our certifications are issued by the International high level training organizations.
We all speak several languages including, English and Spanish.

José, the last arrived. Dive Master in Spain, he joined us for his Instructor training.

Gonzalo, the assistant captain

joined the team two years ago. He knows perfectly well the passes, does the rinsing equipment, feeling the scuba tanks.

Philippe, Instructor Trainer
SSI #45295
ADIP / CEDIP # 98658.
First aid instructor + O2

Today, after more than fifteen years in the world of diving, and some dives around the world, is still, every day to bring you the benefits and qualities of services.

Our captain for 5 years, Petan, knows the sea like his pocket.
It is the first to give its opinion on the sea conditions, if he says no, it's not.
Safety is a priority with us.